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About La Vallée de Jacmel

La Vallée de Jacmel, located in the south-eastern department of Haiti, is a commune of the touristic sea-side city of Jacmel. It is a peaceful, self-sufficient mountain village rich in culture and history. Dominating the center of the village are the parish church, the schools, and the hospital. At the edge of the village is the modern luxury hotel L’Auberge du Mont Saint Jean, owned and run by a native Valléen. The locals (Valléens) are full of hospitality and work together to administer and provide most of the public services. Most of the families have long roots in La Vallée and take pride in their village and what they have been able to accomplish through their hard work. For example, the region boasts one of the highest literacy rates in the country and is home to several of the few known centenarians. La Vallée de Jacmel is truly a treasure.